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About me
My name is Michael Jaskula (mike) I was born in Poland but I live in
Goslar (Germany), I speak German, English and Polish. When I was 11 years old the computer entered in my life for the first time and from that time I have always enjoyed surfing the boundless world where video games and fantasy imaginations meet together. That's probably why it makes me so much fun to develop computer games... In my spare time I do some fitness and ride bike. My other activities and interests are also: Philosophical anthropology (I have an M.Phil degree),
and collecting retro and vintage computers.
For more information about my projects check the WIP-page
and the projects page. Also, be sure to check my photo gallery where you can see some
images from Goslar
and also some screenshots of my projects.
Connect with Me:

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Some more details:

Core skills:

- Computer Programming
- Game desing
- Web design, UI design 
- C / C++
- HTML5 , CSS, Java, Java-script, PHP, SQL
- Irrlicht Engine (Graphics Engine)
- FMOD (Sound Engine)
- DirectX / OpenGL Programming
- Windows WinApi Programming
- Windows GDI Programming
- Hardware (also Vintage and Retro computer)
- 6502 Assembler

Core software skills:

- Microsoft Visual Studio 
- Corel Photopaint
- Descreet 3DStudio MAX
- MS Notepad ;) ;)


Michael Jaskula, 2009-2019

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